The City Sprites

In life, there are two sorts of sprites. The talented in business, and the others, who are lagging behind. It is at least what claims the grandfather of this charming sibling city sprites. To avoid their grandfather to lie, the brothers and sisters work hard in the family industry of production of fairies’ powder. Capture of rare specimens, conception of machineries always more effective, exports… They are on all fronts !

stilt walkers show

Recently, they had the brillant idea to sell refined fairies’ powder in the world of Men ! Of course, the Council of the city refused to grant them the permission… Try to imagine ! The Men are renowned to consume resources faster than they are renewed ! What the magic world would become then without fairies’ powder ?

Yet persuaded of the excellence of their project, the brothers and sisters sprites have
begun to organized themselves and to make off from time to time in the world of Men.
But attention ! Officially, they are there to party !

stilt walkers show

Characteristics :

– 2 to 3 stilt walkers
– 3 wanderings of approximately 45 minutes per day

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